Local real estate agent Brandon Gill had a previously designed WordPress website using the bootstrap framework. The website the PDX Real Estate agent had a wonderful layout and design. However, the Website IDX platform was limited in its functionality and wasn’t that user-friendly. Therefore, Mr. Gill hired KiLynn Marketing and Design to research the best IDX options and incorporate it into his website.

So, if you’re wondering what is an IDX? It’s an internet data exchange platform that allows for MLS listings (homes for sale) to appear on a realtor’s website. To replace the existing website IDX I used the ihomefinder WordPress plugin. It was a great option, one of the best IDX companies and offered these features;

  • A lead capture management system
  • Capability to create custom links to showcase listings in a particular area
  • Provided home buyers a user-friendly search for available listings and easy way to request showings
  • Allowed buyers to create an account to save searches of homes
  • Automatically sends email alerts of newly available homes to buyers who created a client account
  • Ability to start a dialogue in the home search process between buyers and agent

Furthering the user-friendliness, I added some additional content pages to the website. As a result, these pages gave buyers a choice to search for homes by city, neighborhoods, or do an advanced home search. Also, I established additional pages that included the agents featured listing and a list of the local open houses. The client property search organizer page allowed for buyers to log in, save searches and favorite listings. In conclusion, the integration of the new website IDX provided buyers a positive home search experience.

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  • Project Type: Website Update
  • Techniques: IDX, WordPress, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML
  • Client: PDX Real Estate Agent
  • Project Year: 2015