In one of my former jobs, I was asked by the company’s talented apparel designer, to sketch up some graphic ideas that could be used in an upcoming apparel line. She knew my background in textile design and must have noticed my doodles on the margins of my notebook during our company meetings.

I knew I wanted to design something that was organic in style, unique, and that would fit within the company’s approach for this apparel line, which was outdoor activities to everyday wear. I gave her and the design team about 15 design ideas. They narrowed it down to the top 5. My graphic designs appeared in the spring 2009 active apparel line on two shirts styles and a skort. I still doodle on every notebook I own, so if you need a graphic design, I am happy to design something for you!

  • Project Type: Graphic Design
  • Techniques: Hand drawing, Illustrator
  • Client: SportHill
  • Project Year: 2008-2009