I had the great privilege of working with AlumaFab, Inc. The owner is a skilled craftsman with over 30 years of welding experience. As an avid hobby fisherman, he spent his free time at the marina and on the water. He always got asked during his fishing outings where he got is boat tower and custom boat accessories. He told them he made them himself. Due to the number of inquiries, he thought he might be able to turn this into a side business. Doing research online. He realized that finding a welder specializing in custom boat welding in the area was hard to locate. Therefore, he started promoting to boat owners in the pacific northwest his custom boat towers and accessories welder services.

In order to further advertise his new business, he needed a website. Since he is a small business owner, he didn’t have the time to design branding or a website. He hired me at KiLynn Marketing and Design to design branding and a simple cost-effective website, which could grow with the business. I realize that most start-up businesses do not have a large budget for marketing and custom website design. Because of this, together AlumaFab, Inc and I created a plan, to slowly add elements to the website and create marketing materials as business gained paying customers and extra money was available. I take pride in working with my clients within their budgets. Today, AlumaFab, Inc. is one of the premier custom fabricators for aluminum boat towers and boating accessories for customers in the Pacific Northwest!

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  • Project Type: Website Design
  • Techniques: WordPress, Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Client: AlumaFab, Inc
  • Project Year: 2014
  • Website: www.AlumaFabinc.com